Sunday, November 25, 2012

Making Machinable Wax

I recently converted my mini-mill to CNC and watching it run full speed with aluminum is a little terrifying. I thought having some machinable wax to play with while I learn would save me a lot of anxiety.

After much searching on the interwebs I decided on a roughly 4:1 mixture of paraffin to LDPE. I decided to add some stearic acid and colorants so my final ratio was more like 4.5:1.

My recipe:
  • 1564g paraffin
  • 340g LDPE 
  • 47g Stearic Acid

All ingredients ready to go

Molten wax and plastic slurry poured into molds.

Milling tests are going to take some time as it's in disarray at the moment.


  1. Hi, I wanted to consult you if you could tell me more detail the process
    mixing of the components and type of product that you used for coloring.

    great your contribution.

  2. Very nice vid. I'm going to do this. Thank you.

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